on both sides of the register

Key Insights

You can only fix the problems you know exist. We’ll be your 3D glasses and help those key insights pop out — bringing visibility to your blind spots.

Actionable Data

Our proprietary delay metrics and coaching has been proven across industries to generate a measurable impact. We use what you already have to show you how to optimize your line waiting experience.

Real Results

Efficient lines create happy customers, happy customers come back, that’s just a simple truth. There’s nothing to wait for, literally.

Happy Clients

Don't wait for the negative reviews
to take control of your lines…

Create a line worth waiting for

Small shifts,
massive impact

By the time you recognize what’s broken, you’ve already lost revenue. Create your own opportunities and get ahead by using your existing security cameras paired with our technology to tell you how your long lines cost you customers, return visits, and general dissatisfaction.

Lifetime value for every customer

The experience your customers have in line determines how they show up at the front of it. We optimize that journey for both your customers and employees alike. Your business is a delicate ecosystem; even the smallest nudge in the right direction could lead to a profound and lasting positive change in customer satisfaction, revenue, and employee retention.

We help you create more fans